How Legend Can Help with Content Creation

What is “content creation”?

Content creation is the process of creating media to be consumed by an audience. This media comes in a wide variety of forms. Blogs, social posts, video productions and more are all forms of content commonly consumed on social media. Essentially, anything that provides information or entertainment can be considered content.

How content creation affects your brand

As a tool for brands, content creation can help the growth and development of your brand by creating value for customers. The information and entertainment provided by creating content helps attract potential customers, along with providing engagement that helps retain existing customers.


Looking at the statistics, according to research from the Content Marketing Institute, B2B marketers reported that content marketing played a key role in achieving their goals of creating brand awareness (83%), building brand credibility (77%), and educating their audience (72%). Additionally, two out of three respondents said content marketing was successful in generating leads for their business.

The process of content creation

Now that we’ve covered what content creation is, let's look at the actual process of creating content for your audience.

Creating content can be done by just about anybody, but creating effective content that brings value to your brand is far more difficult. Making effective content requires a wide variety of skills, including:

Research: Looking up current trends to keep audiences engaged. Also necessary for ensuring the provided information is factual.

Photography/Videography: Taking photos or videos to be used for content. While nearly everybody nowadays has a smartphone that can record photos and videos, few have dedicated recording equipment, and even fewer have the skills to put that equipment to good use.

Graphic Design: Combining words and graphics into visuals that your audience finds appealing, such as infographics or memes.

Writing: Putting together the words that your audience reads in your content. While seemingly simple, writing for content comes in many varieties. For example, you wouldn’t want to read an entire blog post in the middle of a video, would you?

Editing: Putting together everything into a finished product. Whether it’s combining short clips to make a longer video or simply minor edits to a blog’s wording, editing is an essential part of content creation.

Skills like these are necessary for creating effective content that will draw people to your brand. But many businesses tend to specialize in a different field, and thus lack the skills for effective content creation. That’s where Legend comes in!

How Legend can help you with content creation

Legend Creative Group has been providing marketing and content creation services for over 30 years now! We’ve done just about everything, from developing websites, creating email marketing blasts, running a brand’s social media, to filming, editing and producing commercials for TV! Whether you want to spice up your social media with exciting content that drives engagement or produce video content for your brand, Legend has you covered!

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