5 Reasons Why You Need to Start Utilizing Paid Social Ads

Organic social is often viewed as the best kind of social advertising. It makes sense, considering organic social is more valued for being “free” compared to paid social. Because of this, many businesses see a choice to only have one of either paid or organic social. However, social campaigns aren’t a matter of choosing one or the other, both forms are integral parts to the campaign’s success. If you aren’t sure about taking the plunge into paid social campaigns, consider these benefits offered by paid social.
1.    Skip the Algorithm for guaranteed reach
The biggest issue with organic social media is that it isn’t guaranteed. The algorithms that choose what content is seen by users are difficult to navigate. No matter how you try to optimize it, there’s a plethora of factors out of your control that will influence how far organic social will go. Paid social skips that lottery by delivering your campaign directly to customers, giving you guaranteed reach.

2.    Target the most relevant customers
Another tricky thing about dealing with organic social is getting your content delivered to the right audience. The social media algorithms aren’t guaranteed to deliver your content to those who are in the market and have interest in your products or services.

That’s where paid advertisements win out. Due to the huge amount of marketing information available, paid advertisements offer a plethora of parameters you can use to hone in on your target demographic. For example, campaigns can be set up to only target people within specific guidelines, with ads only being seen by people that meet those criteria, such as job titles or industries. You can set it up so that only people who live in a specific area or those within a certain income range will see the ads. You can even narrow it down to be incredibly specific by combining multiple criteria. With paid social, you can make sure your ads are only seen by those who are most likely to make a purchase.

3.    Increase Brand Awareness
Any form of promotion for your business will help increase brand awareness, whether it be organic or paid. Just the act of seeing your brand in the wild will help prospective customers recall your brand, even if it's subconsciously. Paid ads are typically visible to a larger audience, so this also serves to improve brand awareness to your target audience.

4.    Generate more leads for your business
Brand awareness has many benefits, increasing your exposure will help generate more leads and new conversions. Paid social media is a numbers game, you want to get your brand in front of as many relevant potentials as possible. Even if a click doesn’t lead to a conversion right away, that person was still interested enough to click. Keep those people in the back of your mind as potential customers. Add them to email lists and keep reaching out to them to try and carry through that conversion.

5.    Access a wealth of analytics and statistics
An amazing thing about paid social media is the huge amount of information given to marketers on how their ad is performing. In an instant you can check the number of views, clicks and conversions, see how well your campaign is performing, and get an exact amount of how much has been spent on ads. This information can be used to tailor future campaigns to better suit your audience.

Not only can you refine your ads based on the data gathered with paid social, but you can also conduct tests to determine what makes ads more successful, like A/B Testing. These tests help you further refine your campaigns to best fit your audience. The best part is, this information not only helps paid social, but also organic social as well. Many of the insights gained can be applied to both forms of social, making the information gathered even more valuable.

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