How best to prepare to re-launch your business and marketing after the pandemic

For many businesses, this pandemic has or will have major consequences, that is a given.

What can we do now from a marketing perspective to come out of this in the best manner and re-launch once the crisis is behind us?

These are concerning times that we are experiencing right now and none of us know exactly how to act or react to the pandemic, from both a personal and business perspective.

We all can do our part to make the best of this down-time both professionally and in our personal lives. From a business perspective, it is a good opportunity to review, re-group and re-focus our efforts. The rare solitude of this down-time can allow us the clarity to create a focused plan for launching out of the other end of the pandemic.

This event has forced all business owners and managers to take notice of what is critical in our day-to-day operations - and what past efforts and protocols are unnecessary or inefficient.  Many of us are also learning lessons on productivity and remote operations that will likely, in some degree, become an important part of our new normal.

While much is probably different in your operations, do your best to proceed as much like “business as usual” with your customers and clients. Prove that you care about them by going the extra mile on performance and customer service.

Create a strategic plan for maximizing productivity and minimizing costs until we get to the other side of this global pandemic. It might require implementing stages or levels regarding a return to “normal operations”.

Be top of mind to your customers by ramping up your social media and e-mail marketing and explain how you have adapted your business model to account for the pandemic – such as a “contact-free” process. Do your best to reinforce how your products or services are critical to their success.

Pick up the phone and call your top customers. Let them know how you are dealing with their business and modifying operations to best avoid disruptions. This personal touch will go a long way.

From a personal perspective, this global event allows us to take stock, evaluate and re-focus on the most important aspect of our lives - the importance and health of our families and our friends and how we can come closer together as one big family (locally and globally) in these troubled times.

Dave Voitik, President - Legend Creative Group

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