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Some great reasons to team up with Legend:



Legend is celebrating its 30th year in business and, while much has changed in the marketing arena, the core creative elements and market drivers, such as brand awareness and preference, have remained. The Legend team will design and implement a digital marketing plan that ensures we are driving leads to your website, building brand awareness/preference and maximizing your likes, clicks, follows and shares.


The real challenge working with an outside studio is the learning curve. What are your key advantages? What makes you special? What opportunities for growth exist for your market? We have developed a unique process for identifying your USPs (Unique Selling Propositions) and leveraging this “special sauce.” It starts with a custom-crafted Creative Brief discovery process and ongoing monthly updates to your creative platform.


Through our motivated creative process, you can expect us to deliver THE BIG IDEA on a frequent basis. This applies to the visual graphics, imagery, and video, as well as the verbiage and messaging. We excel at all forms of content creation. Creativity is in our name and on our minds at all times.


We are often hired to serve as our clients’ marketing department. We have been told that we deliver a lot more success for a lot less than in-house would cost. As a team, we collaborate to create the most effective visuals and engaging copy for your digital marketing content. We work as a team to generate new ideas, and new ways to get your brand promise and message out there.


We need to earn your trust. With an opportunity to demonstrate our abilities, we promise to deliver on the above core concepts. Our goal is to develop long-standing business relationships with our clients. Most of our clients have been with us for over five years, and many for over a decade. Legend Creative Group will be with you to help your business grow.

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