The Winning Formula for a Successful E-Mail Campaign


The Winning Formula for a Successful E-Mail Campaign

We will design, develop and implement an integrated e-mail marketing campaign that will help develop new customers and cross-sell to your existing customers!!

Our winning formula:

Step 1: Create online calendar of monthly topics. These can be determined in advance, or as the campaign progresses.

Step 2: Create HTML template with company branding and cross-sell/up-sell and CTA (Call-to-Action) elements.

Step 3: Create monthly content per issue. Work with client to develop messaging and supportive creative elements/graphics. Write verbiage that speaks to your core advantages, product lines and/or services. Can also be editorial, demonstrative, or informative.

Step 4: Distribute to target audience(s). It can be one e-mail list, or broken into multiple audiences. (i.e. customers vs. prospects vs. vertical markets)

Step 5: Provide Analytics - statistics on the campaign, number of opens, number of clicks, list of who opens/clicks.

Step 6: Re-purpose e-mail content across social media, website, blog and more!

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