Legend Turned 25


Legend turned 25 and we’re still celebrating!

For over two decades, Legend has been exceeding expectations as a full-service marketing agency! We are proud and excited to be celebrating 25 years of service! A lot has changed over this time, especially the “internet of things”...and the related marketing advancements. What hasn’t changed is our commitment to you, our “family-style” approach to the relationships with our clients and the trust that our clients have in us.
Legend offers a truly unique combination of marketing, web development, production and design talent, which provide the fuel for delivering successful campaigns and executions. For our 25th anniversary, we are excited to announce the new and improved Legendcreative.com!
Whether you’re looking for a newly designed website, a corporate video or a comprehensive web marketing campaign, we are here to help!
- Dave Voitik, President

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