E-Mail Marketing, It Works!


E-Mail Marketing, It Works!

Monthly E-mail Campaign:
Time : 12 month period
Total Audience : 5,000
Total Opens : 14,208 (Over 1,000/month!!)
Total Unique Clicks : 258 (Over 20/month!!)

E-mail Marketing is...
•  Targeted
•  Easily Shared
•  Measurable
•  Cost-Effective
•  Consistent Messaging
•  The best way to increase brand awareness!!

We will design, develop and implement an integrated e-mail marketing campaign that will help develop new customers and cross-sell to your existing customers!

Legend E-mail Program Includes:
•  Develop & implement annual schedule & content plan
•  Design e-mail template based off company branding
•  Organize audience/lead database
•  Collaborate with client to develop monthly content
•  Design, program & test each monthly layout
•  Distribute to each audience category
•  Provide monthly analytics and analysis
•  Multi-purpose content to website and social media

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