Why is a Responsive Site Important to your Business?


Why is a Responsive Site Important to your Business?

Responsive web design provides the optimal user experience for all viewers, regardless of screen size, with a one-size-fits-all approach. This means one website will adjust to any screen and provide the solid, valuable and shareable content your customers are looking for.
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Enhanced User Experience
• No scrolling or resizing needed.
• Easily share info across all devices.
• Responsive design integrates touch screens, screen size, pixel resolution and more for optimal user experience.

• One website is less expensive than having two (1. mobile, 2. desktop)
• One consolidated management, support and upgrade program.

SEO Optimization
• For the best SEO results, Google requires a mobile-responsive site.
• One SEO program is easier to manage and produce positive results.

Improved Conversion Rates
• An optimized and consistant site provides a better user experience.
• An optimized mobile version of your site will retain visitors longer and provide more conversions.

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