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    Having trouble managing your digital and social media marketing?


    Learn how Legend can improve your lead generation and brand awareness by providing complete management and creative for your digital marketing. We are one of Chicagoland’s top digital marketing studios and have the coding and creative moxy to make your brand shine like a star.




    B2B Social Media Marketing

    It’s a popular belief that social media marketing is only for B2C companies, however, this is a myth! B2B companies should use social media for a variety of reasons.


    Customers and business partners are on social media

    Although you might not be directly selling to your customers, they are still on social media! Social media is a people business, the executives and CEO’s are actively using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Since they are already on one or more of these platforms, it is a great way for them to notice your brand. B2B markets don’t buy from companies without checking them out online first: make sure to review your website, social media and all channels that your targeted customers are looking at. First impressions go a long way!

    Customers need support and will often look on social media first

    Occasionally, your customers or potential customers might be seeking answers about your products or have questions about the services you offer. By being active on social media, they have choices on how to reach you. In fact, 34.5% of people prefer using social media to reach out to companies compared to email, website/live chat and phone.

    Brings customers to your website

    We all want leads and more traffic to our site; social media allows your intended audience to visit your site and notice your brand. The great thing about social media is that is always helps to raise brand awareness, which brings more customers to your website where they can learn more about your brand and products you may offer.

    Social media builds a community around your brand

    Give your company a personality that your audience is drawn to. Social media is the perfect outlet to present yourself as an industry leader while building that community. By having a voice your audience trusts, you will be growing the relationship and repeat business all companies dream of.

    What are you waiting for? It’s time to jumpstart your digital marketing campaign! Let Legend Creative Group work with you to create a comprehensive plan that will:

    • Generate qualified new leads
    • Build brand awareness and loyalty
    • Grow a community around your brand
    • Increase online exposure
    • Cross-sell to existing customers
    • Target your unique audience
    • And more!

    Let’s get started!



    We stand ready to be your marketing department!


    Legend Creative Group is a a full-service studio with expertise in web development, digital marketing, branding, SEO/PPC, video production, photography and print. We have over 100 years of combined experience to apply to your B2B or B2C marketing challenges. Our unique combination of marketing, web development, coding and design talent provide the fuel for delivering successful cost-effective campaigns and executions.

    Our comprehensive marketing support will help:

    • Generate qualified leads
    • Build brand awareness and loyalty
    • Increase sales to existing customers
    • Identify new markets and opportunities
    • Build a community around your brand
    • Support and facilitate your salses efforts

    Let us supercharge your marketing!




    How best to prepare to re-launch your business and marketing after the pandemic


    For many businesses, this pandemic has or will have major consequences, that is a given.

    What can we do now from a marketing perspective to come out of this in the best manner and re-launch once the crisis is behind us?

    These are concerning times that we are experiencing right now and none of us know exactly how to act or react to the pandemic, from both a personal and business perspective.

    We all can do our part to make the best of this down-time both professionally and in our personal lives. From a business perspective, it is a good opportunity to review, re-group and re-focus our efforts. The rare solitude of this down-time can allow us the clarity to create a focused plan for launching out of the other end of the pandemic.

    This event has forced all business owners and managers to take notice of what is critical in our day-to-day operations - and what past efforts and protocols are unnecessary or inefficient.  Many of us are also learning lessons on productivity and remote operations that will likely, in some degree, become an important part of our new normal.

    While much is probably different in your operations, do your best to proceed as much like “business as usual” with your customers and clients. Prove that you care about them by going the extra mile on performance and customer service.

    Create a strategic plan for maximizing productivity and minimizing costs until we get to the other side of this global pandemic. It might require implementing stages or levels regarding a return to “normal operations”.

    Be top of mind to your customers by ramping up your social media and e-mail marketing and explain how you have adapted your business model to account for the pandemic – such as a “contact-free” process. Do your best to reinforce how your products or services are critical to their success.

    Pick up the phone and call your top customers. Let them know how you are dealing with their business and modifying operations to best avoid disruptions. This personal touch will go a long way.

    From a personal perspective, this global event allows us to take stock, evaluate and re-focus on the most important aspect of our lives - the importance and health of our families and our friends and how we can come closer together as one big family (locally and globally) in these troubled times.

    Dave Voitik, President - Legend Creative Group



    Add some ZING to your Digital Marketing!


    Do you have a Digital Marketing Campaign for your business? if not, you're missing out on valuable leads!


    Our custom Digital Marketing Programs can include any or all of the following

    • Social Media Marketing
    • E-Mail Marketing
    • Video Marketing
    • SEO & News Blog

    Our comprehensive digital marketing campaigns will:

    • Build brand awareness and loyalty
    • Grow a community around your brand
    • Increase online exposure
    • Cross-sell to existing customers
    • Target your unique audience



    New Years Resolution:
    Work SMARTER, not HARDER!


    If your New Year's resolution is to build brand awareness and increase onlne exposure, start the year with a comprehensive Digital Marketing Campaign from Legend!

    Our custom Digital Marketing Programs can include any or all of the following

    • Social Media Marketing
    • E-Mail Marketing
    • Video Marketing
    • SEO & News Blog

    The Legend team can be trusted to grasp your business and marketing goals and deliver comprehensive solutions.

    Let us be the voice for your brand

    Our comprehensive digital marketing campaigns will:

    • Build brand awareness and loyalty
    • Grow a community around your brand
    • Increase online exposure
    • Cross-sell to existing customers
    • Target your unique audience
    • and more!

    Check out our Digital Marketing Sizzle Video




    With Legend's Digital Marketing Program


    Let the experts handle your digital marketing so you have time to do what you do best!

    Drive more qualified leads to your site and increase on-site conversions with a comprehensive Digital Marketing Campaign!

    The Legend team can be trusted to grasp your business and marketing goals and deliver comprehensive solutions.

    Let us be the voice for your brand!

    Our custom Digital Marketing Programs can include any or all of the following:

    • Social Media Marketing
    • E-mail Marketing
    • Video Marketing
    • SEO & News Blog
    Social Media Marketing

    Legend will create and implement a custom social media program that maximizes your social exposure and builds a community around your brand.

    We will develop an effective social media campaign and strategy for your brand. Our proven strategies increase brand recognition, brand loyalty and conversion opportunities. We focus on attracting new leads, while also growing relationships with existing customers.


    of the world’s population uses social media


    E-mail marketing keeps your message fresh and in the eyes of your prospects and customers.

    Drive more traffic to your site while regularly promoting your brand with a custom-crafted e-mail marketing campaign. Our e-mail blasts will encourage readers to take the next step of visiting your website, moving them closer to a conversion.


    of millennials prefer communications from businesses to come through e-mail


    Video marketing is a crutial part of your Digital Marketing Campaign. If you aren’t creating video, you are falling behind.

    We will make sure your story is memorable, distinctive and powerful. We have the experience, creativity, state-of-the-art equipment and production prowess to make it happen.


    of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support


    Drive more qualified leads to your site and optimize your search engine results.

    We will repurpose e-mail content to news or blog pages on your website. Google will rank you higher in results when new content is regularly added to your site. Plus, you're adding conversational text which likely matches what your customers are searching for!



    of online experiences begin with a search engine



    New BERGER Safety Video produced by Legend

    Here at Legend, we are experts at all flavors of video production.

    Check out some samples
    and contact us to discuss your next video project!



    Getting a quote on a new website has never been easier.


    Let us create a cutting-edge web presence for you that serves your marketing goals. Our website designs help to develop new customers, expand business with existing customers, increase brand awareness and loyalty, share pertinent product or service information, sell products and persuade your audience.

    All web projects start with a detailed discovery process and creative brief to ensure that we are serving these directives. These factors will also influence the website content, navigation, branding, messaging and programming elements.

    At Legend, we have over 20 years of experience in creating high-impact websites that build brand awareness, generate and nurture leads and convert leads into customers!

    We also provide Digital Marketing Programs that will drive qualified new leads to your site. Ask for a quote to accompany your new website.

    * First month included at no cost when contracted with your
    new website.

    Start now!

    Fill out our scoping doc & we'll send you a quote, it's that easy!



    We’re proud to present the new T&M SUPPLY website!


    The new TM Supply website was created with a robust back-end with expansive database-driven product and sample galleries with near-real-time inventory control integrated into the customer’s CRM.

    The front end/home page was designed to be captivating and engaging, speaking to the core messaging and key advantages the company has to offer along with social media feeds.

    The site has password-protected areas for customer-specific functions and is mobile-optimized to perform on all screen sizes.


    Visit the NEW

    Fire up your marketing with a
    powerful new web presence

    Your website is the centerpiece of your marketing and usually the first point of contact with your prospects.

    At Legend, we have over 15 years of experience in creating high-impact websites that build brand awareness, generateand nurture leads and convert leads into customers!



    Top 5 reasons to trust The Legend Team with your Digital Marketing


    #1) Results

    Before any campaign components are initiated, we identify your digital marketing goals and clearly define the KPIs that we will be measuring and improving. Whether it’s brand awareness, clicks, likes, follows, phone inquiries, form submissions or online orders, our refined proprietary process will improve your lead generation, lead nurturing, and conversions.

    #2) Expertise

    Legend has been providing a team approach to marketing for our clients for over 25 years. Each member of our team has a unique set of marketing, technical, programming and creative skills. Your campaign will be customized to your specific needs and clearly focused on servicing your goals, ensuring that your campaign has coordinated messaging across all channels.

    #3) Trust

    The secret to our nearly 3 decades of success is the over-riding trust that our clients have in us. We strive to always deliver what we promise. We are transparent, forthcoming and true to our word. We work diligently to leverage your key advantages and provide you with success, regardless of how you define it.

    #4) Discovery Process

    We utilize a proprietary marketing audit process, which yields the blueprint that clearly identifies your specific goals, opportunities, obstacles, messaging and how to best showcase your distinct competencies and competitive advantages. This process and the resulting data serve as the platform for the launch of a fine-tuned, successful campaign.

    #5) One-source Marketing Studio

    Legend is a true full-service marketing studio. You can rely on us for every last item on your marketing checklist, including:

    • Branding and corporate identity
    • Website development and updates
    • Social media marketing campaigns
    • E-mail marketing campaigns
    • Search engine optimization
    • Paid search campaigns
    • Video marketing and production
    • Photography and retouching
    • Print collateral
    • Content development and copywriting

    We could literally serve as your Marketing Department!

    Call us for a quote today.



    Nothing compares to the IMPACT that VIDEO brings to your marketing!


    Video offers an unmatched multi-sensory experience that will leave a powerful impression on your audience. Check out our new  video and get to know the Legend team ready to take your video  marketing to the next level.

    Watch our Video Capabilities video

    • 50% of executives seek more information after seeing a product or service video
    • YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world
    • E-mails sent with a video leads to a 200+% increase in click-through rate

    Fire up your marketing with a new video!




    Dave Voitik – President Legend Creative Group

    Download this white paper

    What is Digital Marketing and how can I best leverage it for my company?


    Digital marketing has, in theory, existed since the dawn of marketing websites in the 90’s, but has become a real “thing” only in the last decade.

    The official definition: Digital marketing encompasses all marketing efforts that use an electronic device or the internet.

    The practical description is the act of connecting with prospects and customers using search engines, your website, articles/blogs, social media and email.

    As more and more people continue to move to internet usage, the effectiveness and popularity of offline marketing continues to decline. Offline marketing includes print advertising, direct mail, and billboards, to name a few.

    This means that as marketers, we need to adapt our strategy and tactics to leverage digital marketing, and hopefully more effectively than our competitors.

    Let’s review some of the most popular and effective elements of digital marketing and assess the components, benefits and applications for each.



    Presenting the New & Improved
    Osman Construction Website!



    Fire up your maketing with a powerful new web presence!

    Your website is the centerpiece of your marketing and usually the first point of contact with your prospects. At Legend, we have over 15 yeaars of experience in creating high-impact websites that build brand awareness and turn leads into conversions!


    Click here to see some other sites we've done.



    What Can Video Marketing Do
    for Your Business?


    Did you know?

    • 50% of executives look for information after seeing a product/service video

    • Video in email leads to 200+% increase in click-through rate

    • YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world

    We have over 25 years experience creating high-end corporate videos and animations for all applications.


    We utilize state-of-the-art HD equipment, including ground-based and drone cameras to produce persuasive and memorable videos perfect for sharing on your website, social media and at tradeshows!


    Check out a few video examples.

    Sizzle Video

    TV Commercial

    Key-Advantages Video

    Commercial Real Estate Video

    Corporate Overview Video

    TV Commercial

    Sales Meeting Video

    Case History Video

    Capabilities Video

    Promotional Video

    Tradeshow Video

    Special Event Video

    Showroom Video

    Commercial Video

    Instructional Video

    Aerial Real Estate Video

    Interview Video

    Product Showcase Video



    Take a Peek at the Brand-New
    JEMTOP Website


    Supercharge your marketing with a
    powerful new web presence!

    Your website is often the first point of contact with customers.
    Don’t let your site become dated, after 4-5 years it’s time for a redesign!

    Benefits of a New Website:

    • Designed to create conversions and increase brand awareness
    • Promote your key advantages
    • Captivate on your homepage by unpacking relevant content
    • Engageing content with animated graphics and video
    • Strong call-to-action
    • Multi-point contact forms

    Visit the new



    Announcing the Launch of the Brand-New
    BERGER Excavating website


    Give your brand new life with a powerful
    new web presence!

    Your website is often the first point of contact with customers.
    Don’t let your site become dated, after 4-5 years it’s time for a redesign!

    Benefits of a New Website:

    • Powerful mobile-responsive site
    • Update and promote messaging
    • Promote differentiation and USP
    • New life with animated graphics and video content
    • Strong calls to action
    • Multi-point contact forms

    Berger Website Extra Features:

    • Dramatic aerial video
    • Stunning new photography
    • Clean user-friendly interface
    • Unpacked content on homepage
    • Parallax backgrounds
    • Interactive Careers page
    • Private login pages



    Image is Everything
    We'll make your photos come to life!


    Legend has been providing high-end photography
    and photo-retouching for over 25 years.

    We also offer complete video production services.

    Schedule your shoot before the leaves fall!




    Chicagoland's Aerial Drone
    Photo and Video Specialists

    We specialize in creating stunning high-definition video and photography for
    corporate, municipal, construction, real estate, travel/resorts, film/movie
    productions, inspections and more

    We are experts in capturing and editing high-resolution video
    and still images for a variety of applications:

    • Golf Courses & Clubs
    • Resorts & Theme Parks
    • Civil Engineering
    • Roofing Inspections
    • Real Estate
    • Municipal Marketing
    • Corporate Facilities & Marketing
    • Mining & Exploration
    • Sports & Outdoor Events
    • Weddings & Social Events
    • Film & Video Production Studios
    • News & Legal Services



    Our Newest Production:
    Comcast TV Commercial for Aloha Restoration!

    Tell your audience how you stand out from the competition!

    Aloha approached us for a commercial that would communicate to their audience what makes them stand out from the other guys. Aloha’s competitors remove the damage to your home but fall short by leaving the space unfinished. Aloha is different, they take the space from start to finish, never leaving a mess.

    For the production, we utilized our high-end 5.7K cinema camera and high-end editing with motion tracking and green-screen effects to clearly present their advantages over the competition.

    Whether it's a TV commercial, a corporate overview, a product focus, or a management interview, Legend will create a presentation that leaves an impression.
















    Your website is literally the "face" of your company and your brand.

    It is important to update your website every 3-4 years to ensure that you are maximizing your online presence. It needs to be refreshed with the latest branding, messaging, calls-to-action and updated to leverage the latest web technologies.

    Top 10 reasons you should update your website every 3-4 years.


    Visual Appeal

    To ensure engaging website experiences and conversions, you need to keep your site fresh and appealing, both to new and repeat visitors. A design update should be considered every 3-4 years. This should be accompanied by regularly scheduled updates to home page sliders and other variable/rotating messages.

    Better Reflect Your Brand

    If your branding, colors, or messaging has been updated as it should be every couple years, you need to reflect and leverage this on your site. Your website is the centerpiece of your branding.

    Outdated Theme & Technologies

    “Old School Cool” does not apply when it comes to technology. Whether it's Joomla, WordPress or HTML5/CSS, you need to leverage the benefits of the state-of-the-art web code, technology and platform advances.

    Powerful Calls-to-Actions

    A call-to-action (CTA) is a button or link that you place on your website that convert users to customers. Your call-to-actions should be highlighted clearly on your home page and every landing page. Consider a sticky-button which is accessible in the page margin to the visitor regardless of where they are on your site.

    Measuring Effectiveness

    Learn what pages are most popular and what messages and calls-to-action are garnishing the most traffic and responses. There are an assortment of online tools, including Google Analytics, designed to help you measure what is working best for optimizing the effectiveness of your messaging and conversions on your site.

    Slow Loading Website

    Many visits are abandoned if a website takes longer than three seconds to load. Slow loading could be caused for a number of reasons: graphics/images that aren't optimized, under-powered hosting and even an old, poorly performing theme.

    High Bounce Rate

    Bounce rate is the percentage of people who arrive on your site and leave without visiting a second page. To lower your bounce-rate, you need to Quickly provide your visitors relevant and engaging content. Unpack your story on the home page and link to more information or contact points.

    Website Security

    The likelihood of security flaws affecting an older website is much greater as it relies on older, less secure coding and technology. Ensure your site and platform is updated with the latest security measures and hack prevention techniques. Avoid the “This Site is Not Secure” message, plus Google ranks you higher if you have an SSL Certificate.

    Mobile-Friendly Responsiveness

    Your website should look fantastic on all devices including smartphones. Even if you already have a responsive or adaptive site design, you still need to keep up with the latest trends. Newer themes include modern css code which allows your site to adapt nicely to any device. They also allow you to hide certain page blocks for mobile, for a faster loading speed and nicer user experience.

    Updates for SEO

    If you don’t update your website, it’s sure to fall down in the search engine rankings. Search engines regard websites with the most recent content as the most relevant to web users. Your content might be gold, but if it’s the same content as it was 5 years ago then search engines crawlers might not think it is as relevant anymore. A site redesign also gives you a chance to rethink your keyword targeting and the overall conversion rate of your website.



    Aerial Exterior + Interior Shots


    360 Interactive Tours & Corporate Video

    for Commercial Real Estate Developers and Real Estate Investment Companies

    Whether you are located in Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Miami, LA or elsewhere, the Legend team can help set you apart from the competition. We have a proven process for the creation of 360 interactive tours and corporate videos for your properties. We ensure your presentations are stunning, memorable, distinctive and persuasive.

    Using multiple, high-end HD and UHD cameras and aerial drone cameras, we capture the action and then sprinkle the special effects that help bring your story to life.

    Interactive Property/BuildingTours

    Aerial Drone 360 plus Interior Walk-Through Tour

    Provide your prospects the ability to do a 360-spin virtual tour of the property and the surrounding area from a drone perspective and also then click into the building to take a step-through tour of the interior of the building/office. These tours can easily be embedded onto the “properties” page of your website.

    We utiize our nationwide network of aerial drone and ground cinematograpers to capture the imagery and then construct the virtual tours at our headquarters, providing a cost-effective solution for a national service territory.

    Corporate Video Presentations

    Use on Your Website, Social Media and Presentations

    Promote your company, brand and capabilities

    Let us create a powerful and professional video presentation for your company that promotes your unique qualities and capabilities. We will capture the spirit and essence of you company, your people and your brand. We can utilize traditional ground-based footage and also aerial drone footage of your company, your offices, your properties and staff to cover the complete story.

    The result will be a stunning presentation that you can leverage for your website, social media and presentations.



    Attract more golfers to your course with an aerial drone flyover video.

    Nothing captures the essence of a course like a compilation video featuring aerial video and photography. We will capture the dramatic footage of your golf course, clubhouse and amenities for your website, YouTube channel and other marketing materials.

    Utilizing our 4K Drone cameras we capture the high-impact imagery and footage that will set your course apart from the rest.

    We are FAA Section 333 certified for commercial operations and fully insured!



    You Need a Promotion Video

    Attract more candidates to your business with a professional video for:

    • Your Website
    • Social Media
    • TV/Cable Commercial
    • Playing in Your Showroom.

    Set your dealership apart from the rest!

    Using multiple, high-end HD and UHD cameras and aerial drone cameras, we capture the action and then sprinkle the special effects that help bring your story to life. Whether your video is for your website, social media or a TV commercial, we will make you outshine the competition.

    Click play on the graphic to see the video.



    Your Website is the Centerpiece of your Marketing

    Let us create a website that captures the essence of your business!

    At Legend, we have over 15 years of experience in creating websites that build brand awareness turn leads into conversions!

    Check out some examples of our work.




    Show and tell them why you're better with a Key Advantages video!

    Why you need one...

     Your prospects have numerous choices for whom they do business with. Let the Legend team create a powerful video that elegantly communicates your key advantages!

    This example video uses our "employee interview" style with relevant cutaways, providing an authentic story that clearly differentiates you from your competitors. Whether it's interview style, or a products/ services featurette, we will make you outshine the others.

    There is no match for a powerful video that can be promoted on your website, social media and e-mail campaign!

    Click the monitor to see the video.




    Announcing the Launch of the Brand-New!

    We're excited to show you our newest creation. The site is full of custom interactve graphics, new photography and most importantly multiple calls-to-action that get results!

    With a responsive design that reconfigures itself for all screen sizes, from full width desktop to the narrow mobile phone size, the site looks beautiful and modern. Individual quote request forms makes it quick and easy for the user to get the information they need. Features:
    • Compelling new site design
    • Captivating messaging
    • Interactive graphics
    • High-end photography
    • Multiple calls-to-action
    • SEO integration
    • Optimized to all screen sizes

    Visit Medical Murray




    Wisconsin Drone Works!

    Legend Creative Group is proud to announce our aerial drone division Chicagoland Aerial has expanded – please give a kind welcome to Wisconsin Drone Works!


    In 2016 we opened up shop in sunny Florida with our Florida Drone Works division. With all its success, we decided to expand further into our neighbor state of Wisconsin! We now run Chicagoland Aerial, Florida Drone Works, and Wisconsin Drone Works. Stay-tuned, you never know where we’ll be next!


    All three of our aerial drone divisions utilize high-end flying cameras that will capture the distinctive and dramatic aerial views that you are after, in 4K with footage that rivals high-end DSLR video. We are fully insured and FAA Section 333 approved for commercial drone applications.


    We are experts in aerial photography and videography for the following applications:

    • Residential, Commercial or Industrial Real Estate
    • Golf Courses/Country Clubs
    • Resorts, Destinations, Theme Parks
    • Corporate Facilities/Marketing
    • Sports & Outdoor Events
    • Film & Video Production Studios
    • News & Legal Services
    • And more! 

    Visit Wisconsin Drone Works!



    Image is Everything

    Bring new life to your marketing with some stunning new photography

    With an array of HD cameras, lenses, lighting and techniques, we capture the essence of your marketing message

    • Professional Photography
    • On-Location or In-Studio
    • Product Photography
    • Image Composing
    • Expert Retouching
    • Aerial Photography
    Call us to schedule your next shoot!



    You only have one opportunity to make a great first impression!

    We are proud to announce the completion of VP Logistic’s newly updated website. Features:

    • Powerful new site design
    • Captivating messaging
    • Multiple contact points
    • Numerous calls-to-action
    • SEO integration
    • Optimized to all screen sizes
    At Legend, we have 25+ years of experience in creating web marketing campaigns that will build brand awareness and drive traffic to your site, where leads will turn into conversions!


    Give your brand new life with a new powerful web presence! Contact Legend today!



    Our Proven Formula for your Powerful New Website!

    The Legend development process ensures your website success by:

    • Increasing conversions
    • Developing new customers
    • Improvinge brand awareness
    • Selling products/services
    • Cross-selling/up-selling
    • Optimized for all devices

    Contact Legend today to jumpstart your website project!



    The Winning Formula for a Successful E-Mail Campaign

    We will design, develop and implement an integrated e-mail marketing campaign that will help develop new customers and cross-sell to your existing customers!!

    Our winning formula:

    Step 1: Create online calendar of monthly topics. These can be determined in advance, or as the campaign progresses.

    Step 2: Create HTML template with company branding and cross-sell/up-sell and CTA (Call-to-Action) elements.

    Step 3: Create monthly content per issue. Work with client to develop messaging and supportive creative elements/graphics. Write verbiage that speaks to your core advantages, product lines and/or services. Can also be editorial, demonstrative, or informative.

    Step 4: Distribute to target audience(s). It can be one e-mail list, or broken into multiple audiences. (i.e. customers vs. prospects vs. vertical markets)

    Step 5: Provide Analytics - statistics on the campaign, number of opens, number of clicks, list of who opens/clicks.

    Step 6: Re-purpose e-mail content across social media, website, blog and more!

    Contact us to learn more about the winning formula for a successful e-mail campaign!



    Fine Tune & Turbo-Charge Your Web Marketing.

    Drive more business to your site and increase on-site conversions with a comprehensive Web-Marketing Campaign!

    We are experts on driving traffic to your site and creating persuasive content and powerful calls to action to ensure maximum conversions.

    Some of the drivers are:
    • E-Mail Campaign
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Google Ad-Words/Paid Search
    • Social Media

    • Repeat visits to your site
    • Newsletter Subscriber
    • Online Inquiry
    • Phone Call Inquiry

    • New Business Inquiry
    • Repeat Business

    Contact Legend to learn more about the value of a fine-tuned web-marketing campaign.



    Have you seen the latest videos we recently produced?

    Nothing tells your story like video.

    For over two decades, the video experts at Legend have been creating memorable, distinctive and powerful videos for all types of applicatons.

    Some of the types of videos we create for our customers:
    • Corporate Overview Video
    • Case History Video
    • Capabilities Video
    • Trade Show Video
    • Promotional Video
    • Special Event Video
    • Showroom/Location Video
    • Commercial Video
    • Instructional Video
    • Product Showcase Video
    • Interview Video
    • Documentary Video
    • Your Next Video

    Contact us today to discuss your video needs!



    Check out the new Visual Pak mobile-responsive website we just created.

    Taking the leap from a Flash based website to a fully responsive mobile friendly website.

    This is truely a work of art, please visit VISUALPAK.COM and see for yourself. We've combined motion graphics and creative writing to a whole new level. With interactive elements and custom graphics we've made "hard to describe" services into eye catching and informative content.

    Some of the features of their new site are:
    • Branding, messaging, and graphics developed by Legend
    • Interactive micro-sites for six company divisions
    • Mobile-responsive to optimize at any screen size
    • SEO/Google Analytics installed for ongoing reporting and maintenance

    Check out VISUALPAK.COM now.



    Legend turned 25 and we’re still celebrating!

    For over two decades, Legend has been exceeding expectations as a full-service marketing agency!

    We are proud and excited to be celebrating 25 years of service! A lot has changed over this time, especially the “internet of things”...and the related marketing advancements. What hasn’t changed is our commitment to you, our “family-style” approach to the relationships with our clients and the trust that our clients have in us.

    Legend offers a truly unique combination of marketing, web development, production and design talent, which provide the fuel for delivering successful campaigns and executions. For our 25th anniversary, we are excited to announce the new and improved!

    Whether you’re looking for a newly designed website, a corporate video or a comprehensive web marketing campaign, we are here to help!

     - Dave Voitik, President



    Meet Our New Video Producer, Brett Naples

    The Legend team is very excited to announce the newest addition to our team, Brett Naples! Brett has many years of professional video experience under his belt. His scripting, shooting and editing skills are proving to be a great addition to the video productions here at Legend. We look forward to a big year for video in 2017!
    Be sure to keep Legend Creative Group in mind for all of your upcoming video projects!



    Season's Greetings & Happy Holidays

    From all of us here at Legend Creative,
    Have a safe and prosperous New Year!



    Legend Creates Commercial for Brown's Chicken

    Check out the short 15 second motion graphics  commercial we made for Brown's Chicken to showcase Sweet Baby Ray's Honey Hot Wings they are now offering.

    Let the video experts at Legend produce a powerful "Impact Video" campaign  for your business!

    Are you wondering how important video marketing is? See what the experts are saying!

    “4 out of 5 shoppers say a video showing how a product or service works is important.”
    - Animoto, 2015

    “Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users.”
    - Aberdeen via Vidyard, 2015

    “Including video in an e-mail leads to a whopping 200-300% increase in click-through rate.”
    - Forrester via Insivia, 2015



    E-Mail Marketing, It Works!

    Monthly E-mail Campaign:
    Time : 12 month period
    Total Audience : 5,000
    Total Opens : 14,208 (Over 1,000/month!!)
    Total Unique Clicks : 258 (Over 20/month!!)

    E-mail Marketing is...
    •  Targeted
    •  Easily Shared
    •  Measurable
    •  Cost-Effective
    •  Consistent Messaging
    •  The best way to increase brand awareness!!

    We will design, develop and implement an integrated e-mail marketing campaign that will help develop new customers and cross-sell to your existing customers!

    Legend E-mail Program Includes:
    •  Develop & implement annual schedule & content plan
    •  Design e-mail template based off company branding
    •  Organize audience/lead database
    •  Collaborate with client to develop monthly content
    •  Design, program & test each monthly layout
    •  Distribute to each audience category
    •  Provide monthly analytics and analysis
    •  Multi-purpose content to website and social media



    See How Fast & Powerful a New Responsive Site Can Be!

    Legend is proud to announce the completion of TufTile’s new responsive website!

    Your website is often times the first point of contact your audience will see; put your best foot forward and make sure your first impression is a great impression. Responsive web design provides the optimal user experience for all viewers, regardless of screen size, with a one-size-fits-all approach. This means one website will adjust to any screen and provide the solid, valuable and shareable content your customers are looking for.



    Resort Video created by Legend, Has Over 13,000 Views!

    Legend can help bring exposure to your business with a powerful and persuasive marketing video!

    View Video

    The marketing experts at Legend have over 20 years of experience in video production. We will capture and convey the unique spirit of your business and create a promotional video perfect for sharing on your website, social media and at events. Contact Legend today to discuss how we can help step up your video marketing!



    Powerful Video Marketing

    As video content is more and more accessible, the facts prove that people prefer video content, making video a vital part of any marketing strategy.

    Legend can produce a powerful video for you that will achieve results, whether it’s a corporate overview video, product demonstration, impact video or testimonial interview.
    Get ahead of the competition and make some impact!  Contact Legend to discuss a video marketing campaign for your business.

    Improved SEO
    By having video on your homepage, you are over 50% more likely to show up on page 1 of a Google search.  Also, YouTube is now the world’s second largest search engine!

    Stronger Customer Attention
    90% of all information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visual information is processed over 60,000 times faster than non visual information (reading text).

    Higher Engagement
    Your audience is 10 times more likely to engage, embed, share or comment on a post with video rather than only text.  Also, posts that have video attract 3 times the inbound links.

    Larger Audience
    People prefer video content (i.e. watching news vs. newspaper),  and online videos now account for 50% of all mobile traffic. Also, 92% of mobile viewers share videos with others.

    Improved Conversion Rate
    When visiting a site with video, users stay on the site 2 times as long, and are more likely to visit again.  Also, viewers are about 75% more likely to buy after watching a product video.



    Website Marketing with Mouthwatering Results

    If your website isn’t working to make your restaurant as profitable as possible, then give us a call! 
    We’ve recently created a site for alocal steak restaurant with outstanding results!
    Not only is it a beautiful site, featuring gorgeous photography, it also has features that “work” for the company.
    Features like…

    • Online Reservations that work with your current table management software
    • Online ordering and Delivery
    • Newsletter signup
    • Email blast campaign
    • Social media integration
    • Gift card transactions
    • Special event listings
    • Special menu calendar
      and more



    Our Core Compentencies

    Your website is often times the first point of contact with a potential customer, and therefore your site needs to be eye catching, easy to navigate and responsive to all screen sizes.

    The Legend team will create a responsive website that increase brand awareness, develop new customers, persuade your audience and display properly on all desktop and mobile devices.

    In addition to web development, Legend offers a complete array of full-service marketing capabilities.



    The Start of Something BIG!

    Ahhhh, being Responsive is very liberating.

    We don’t have to worry about fitting on a phone or an iPad, our site automatically does that for us.
    It’s about time, right?

    Our Google search results just improved as a result.

    Is your site responsive? If not, it should be.

    Thanks for visiting!



    Why is a Responsive Site Important to your Business?

    Responsive web design provides the optimal user experience for all viewers, regardless of screen size, with a one-size-fits-all approach. This means one website will adjust to any screen and provide the solid, valuable and shareable content your customers are looking for.
    Call Legend to discuss how a new mobile-responsive website can benefit your business or organization.

    Enhanced User Experience
    • No scrolling or resizing needed.
    • Easily share info across all devices.
    • Responsive design integrates touch screens, screen size, pixel resolution and more for optimal user experience.

    • One website is less expensive than having two (1. mobile, 2. desktop)
    • One consolidated management, support and upgrade program.

    SEO Optimization
    • For the best SEO results, Google requires a mobile-responsive site.
    • One SEO program is easier to manage and produce positive results.

    Improved Conversion Rates
    • An optimized and consistant site provides a better user experience.
    • An optimized mobile version of your site will retain visitors longer and provide more conversions.



    Complete Marketing Plan & Execution

    Why do our clients trust us with their entire marketing campaign?

    We Get Results!

    And we’ll get results for you too, call us today to discuss your custom marketing campaign.



    We Make It Happen

    Whether you are looking for a new creative studio to act as your off-site marketing department, or looking for a simple website refresh, we are well-suited for the job. We pride ourselves on being the full-service, hyper-creative, technically agile, hit-the-ground-running team.

    Since 1992, we have been providing innovative solutions, including:
    • Marketing, Branding & Design
    • Web Development & Design
    • Web Marketing – SEO/SEM/PPC/Email
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Print Design & Collateral
    • Corporate Video Productions
    • Photography & Image Editing

    We'll make your whiteboard a reality!



    Turnkey Web Marketing

    Your marketing should include all of these components.
    In addition to creating a powerful new responsive website, Legend will help you take advantage of the marketing power of a carefully-planned, branded e-mail campaign and social media campaign.
    This coordinated approach will not only increase your target-market visibility and awareness, but also improve your search engine rankings.

    Talk to us about an integrated campaign for your business!





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