What Sustainability Means To Us

It means more than reducing waste
(although we are doing that).

It means more than finding ways to reuse and recycle
(although we’re doing that too).

It means more than reducing energy consumption and preserving natural resources
(yes, we are doing that too)

At The Visual Pak Companies, we see sustainability as even more than being eco-efficient and eco-responsible. We see sustainability as a compelling business strategy that drives innovation and growth. Because we serve the CPG industry, we have unique opportunities to manufacture and package consumer products that serve and protect the environment.

We generate, select and implement new ideas through the efforts of our Green Team — a collaborative and passionate group of people with backgrounds in sales, customer service, quality, purchasing, operations, and lean manufacturing and production.

At The Visual Pak Companies, we see ourselves as more than a responsible consumer of resources; we see ourselves as an innovative supplier creating eco-advantages for our customers, and for consumers worldwide.


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