Introducing... Wisconsin Drone Works!



Wisconsin Drone Works!

Legend Creative Group is proud to announce our aerial drone division Chicagoland Aerial has expanded – please give a kind welcome to Wisconsin Drone Works!

In 2016 we opened up shop in sunny Florida with our Florida Drone Works division. With all its success, we decided to expand further into our neighbor state of Wisconsin! We now run Chicagoland Aerial, Florida Drone Works, and Wisconsin Drone Works. Stay-tuned, you never know where we’ll be next!

All three of our aerial drone divisions utilize high-end flying cameras that will capture the distinctive and dramatic aerial views that you are after, in 4K with footage that rivals high-end DSLR video. We are fully insured and FAA Section 333 approved for commercial drone applications.

We are experts in aerial photography and videography for the following applications:

    Residential, Commercial or Industrial Real Estate
    Golf Courses/Country Clubs
    Resorts, Destinations, Theme Parks
    Corporate Facilities/Marketing
    Sports & Outdoor Events
    Film & Video Production Studios
    News & Legal Services
    And more!

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