Capabilities Trays



Trays designed to hold perfectly

VP Plastics & Engineering manufactures a full array of thermoformed plastic trays. From countertop displays to industrial strength shipping packaging applications


Trays are typically used in conjunction with a folding carton or other type of box, for a wide range of products and applications. Game trays, dunnage trays, storage trays, and display trays are some of the more common applications we produce trays for. We also manufacture POP display trays for use at retail counters.


A plastic tray and lid (previously called a two-piece clamshell) can be used if the customer wants the front and back portion of the clamshell formed from different material thicknesses or if the hinge on a standard bi-fold clamshell interferes with a design feature required for the package. While plastic trays and lids provide slightly more flexibility in the mold layout, this design could have drawbacks. Handling two separate pieces, both during production and pack-off at the customer’s end, can increase overall labor costs for the package. There is no real cost difference between a standard bi-fold and a tray and plastic lid (two-piece clamshell) in piece price or tooling costs.


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